EECS16B, Designing Information Devices and Systems II

Summer 2022

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Week Date Lecture Topic Section Lab Homework
06/20 Mo Lab 1: Introduction to Simulation
Lab Note 0
Lab Note 1
Lab Recording

Lab ZIP file
Lab DataHub Link

Homework 01
(Due 06/27 Mo)
Prob PDF

06/21 Tu Computing: Transistors and Logic
YouTube Link
(Note 0A) (Note 01) (Note j)
Section 01B (Tue)
Rebecca's Recording

Prob PDF
06/22 We Computing: Transient Analysis, Intro to Differential Equations
YouTube Link
Section 01C (Wed)
Rebecca's Recording

Prob PDF
06/23 Th Signal Processing by Circuits: First-order Circuits, General Scalar Differential Equations
YouTube Link
(Note 02)
Section 01D (Thu)
Rebecca's Recording

Prob PDF
06/27 Mo Signal Processing by Circuits: First-order Circuits with Continuous Inputs, General Solutions to Continuous Inputs
YouTube Link
Section 02A (Mon)

Prob PDF
Lab 2: Analog & Digital Interfaces
Lab 3: Motion
Pre-Lab 2
Pre-Lab 3
Lab Note 2
Lab Note 3

Lab 2 ZIP File
Lab 2 DataHub Link
Lab 3 ZIP File
Lab 3 DataHub Link

Homework 02
(Due 07/03 Su)
Prob PDF
iPython ZIP
Prob DataHub Link

06/28 Tu Signal Processing by Circuits: Second-order Circuits, Vector Differential Equations
YouTube Link
(Note 03)
Section 02B (Tue)

Prob PDF
06/29 We Signal Processing by Circuits: Diagonalization to Solve VDEs and Intro to Inductors
YouTube Link
(Note 04)
Section 02C (Wed)

Prob PDF
06/30 Th Signal Processing by Circuits: Inductors, RLC Circuits, 2nd Order Diff Equations with Complex Eigenvalues
YouTube Link
(Note 05)
Section 02D (Thu)

Prob PDF
07/04 Mo Lab 4: Sensing Part 1

Homework 03
(Due 07/10 Su)

07/05 Tu Signal Processing by Circuits: Phasors Section 03B (Tue)

07/06 We Signal Processing: Frequency Response of RLC Circuits, Bode Plots Section 03C (Wed)

07/07 Th Signal Processing: Frequency Response of RLC Circuits and Applications Section 03D (Thu)

07/11 Mo Robotics: Control in Discrete-Time, Basic Concepts and System ID Section 04A (Mon)

Lab 5: Sensing Part 2
Lab 6: System Identification
Midterm Lab Report

Homework 04
(Due 07/17 Su)

07/12 Tu Robotics: System Identification and Stability Section 04B (Tue)

07/13 We Robotics: Stability Section 04C (Wed)

07/14 Th Robotics: Feedback Stabilization Section 04D (Thu)

MT, July 18, 7-9 PM PST
07/18 Mo Robotics: Controllability Section 05A (Mon)

Lab 7: Controls Part 1

Homework 05
(Due 07/24 Su)

07/19 Tu Learning: Gram-Schmidt Section 05B (Tue)

07/20 We Robotics: Stability Continued -- Upper Triangularization Section 05C (Wed)

07/21 Th Robotics: Stability Continued -- Upper Triangularization Section 05D (Thu)

07/25 Mo Learning: Upper Triangularization Continued, Introducing the Spectral Theorem Section 06A (Mon)

Lab 8: Controls Part 2
Lab 9A: Classification

Homework 06
(Due 07/31 Su)

07/26 Tu Robotics and Learning: Minimum-Energy Solutions Section 06B (Tue)

07/27 We Learning: SVD Section 06C (Wed)

07/28 Th Learning: SVD Section 06D (Thu)

08/01 Mo Learning: Applications of SVD Section 07A (Mon)

Lab 9B: Classification
Lab 10: Integration/Final Demo

Homework 07
(Due 08/07 Su)

08/02 Tu Learning: PCA Section 07B (Tue)

08/03 We Linearization for Control Section 07C (Wed)

08/04 Th Linearization for Control Section 07D (Thu)

Final, Aug 11, 6-9 PM PST
08/08 Mo Complex Inner Products Section 08A (Mon)

Final Lab Report

Optional Problems (Finals Prep)

08/09 Tu Circuits Review Section 08B (Tue)

08/10 We Controls Review Section 08C (Wed)

08/11 Th Final Exam

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Past Exams

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Semester Midterm 1 Midterm 2 Final Other
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sp21 pdf, sol N/A pdf, sol
fa20 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
su20 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
sp20 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
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sp19 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
fa18 pdf, sol pdf, sol N/A
sp18 pdf, sol N/A pdf, sol
fa17 pdf, sol sol N/A
sp17 pdf, sol pdf, sol N/A
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